The Interview

Today will be a very big day for Kevin.

A few months ago, I mentioned Kevin took an entrance exam for a really good prep high school back in March. Unsurprisingly, the boy did exceedingly well for a seventh grader. Today, he is scheduled for a thirty-minute interview with the school; twenty minutes alone, and ten minutes with Mrs. Earp.

Kevin jokes about the interview, but it doesn’t seem like he’s stressing over it. I assume he’ll head to the interview, talk to the interviewer, and simply be himself. I have already told him to just go to the interview, and if they want you, cool, and if not, that’s cool, too.

The boy has already suggested the school is entirely too much money – what thirteen year-old does that? – and maybe he should go somewhere else. I told him what I told Kyle when he went to the University of Dallas: “We’ll make it work.”

So, hopefully, Kevin will have a nice, stress-free interview, and I’ll remind Mrs. Earp to tell the interviewer I coached lacrosse at the school for four years. Can’t hurt to grease the wheels, right?