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Meet Khaled Khalil.

Like most Americans, Khaled occasionally enjoys dining at fast food restaurants. He enjoys the food, the atmosphere, and the comfortable booths.

Upon arrival, officers made contact with a witness, a Burger King employee, and 24-year-old Khaled Kahlil, of Lincoln.

The witness said Kahlil was coming in and out of the restaurant, and when he would come in, he would begin masturbating. The witness said Kahlil’s genitals were fully exposed.

When officers contacted him, Kahlil appeared to be under the influence, and would not talk to officers about what happened.

Gee, he doesn’t look like a guy who would yank his doodle in public… Although in fairness, Burger King’s former slogan was “Have It Your Way.” Khaled was simply taking them up on their generous offer.