Afghan Soccer Captain Fears For Players

Khalida Popal, the captain of Afghanistan’s national women’s soccer team, is urging her teammates to leave social media and burn their uniforms after the Taliban regained control of the country.

The former captain of the Afghanistan Women’s National Soccer Team is warning her fellow players still in Afghanistan to delete all social media, burn uniforms, and discard their soccer gear to avoid retaliation by the radical Islamist Taliban.

Khalida Popal, who now lives in Copenhagen, told Reuters that in the past, members of the Taliban had beaten, raped, and murdered female athletes for violating the Taliban’s Islamist tenets. Popal says she is scared for women athletes still stuck in Afghanistan.

That will likely continue, if it is not already underway.

While the U.S.A. was assuring the safety of Afghanistan, Popal told her girls to stand up proudly and “be visible.” But now that the Taliban is back, she has a different message.

“Today, I’m calling them and telling them, take down their names, remove their identities, take down their photos for their safety. Even I’m telling them to burn down or get rid of your national team uniform,” she told Reuters.

Yet another loss for the illegitimate president. One wonders how many people will be murdered due to his reckless actions in Afghanistan.