She’s A Cheeky B*tch

A woman was arrested after creating an ingenious method for transporting her filthy little urchins.

Cell phone video taken by a concerned citizen in southwest Tennessee shows a woman releasing her two grandchildren from dog kennels in the back of her trunk.

Leimome Cheeks, 62, has been arrested and charged on two counts of child endangerment for the disturbing incident that took place in Memphis on Saturday.

The children told authorities that Cheeks claimed there wasn’t enough room for them to sit safely in a seat.

The kids also complained they were hot during the drive, while being kept in a confined space in the trunk. They said Cheeks didn’t have air conditioning on and kept the windows closed.

Now before we overreact, let’s consider how many of us thought about doing the exact same thing. I’m guessing the number would represent a majority of us. Of course, I would never put my kids into dog kennels; those are entirely too good for my monsters. No, I’m thinking along the lines of birdcages.