This Woman Is Full Of Shite

A Utah woman who killed two cyclists has given investigators the worst defense of all time.

A woman accused of fatally crashing her car into two cyclists and then driving away claimed her irritable bowel syndrome caused the crash. The incident happened Saturday in Washington City.

Yeah, that time when I killed a hooker? It was because my hemorrhoids were acting up.

According to the police affidavit, the cyclists were brothers from California who were in Washington City competing in a race. An individual who saw the crash happen said the two were riding in the area of Coral Canyon Boulevard and Telegraph Street just before noon when a Hyundai Genesis swerved into the bike lane and hit them.

Police made contact with the suspect, Julie Ann Budge, 47, who told officers that she was taking multiple medications for several various medical issues, one of which was irritable bowel syndrome. The IBS has been causing her to “defecate on herself without warning,” she reported told police.

So Budge has obviously been dealing with this malady for years, and has never killed anyone before this incident. I mean, good luck with your b.s. alibi, but I sincerely doubt any rational juror will buy this crappy defense.