Yesterday was a busy day. Kevin received his Holy Confirmation yesterday morning with his classmates, after the Archdiocese decided confirmation would not be given in sixth grade, but in eighth grade.

It took Kevin a bit to choose a sponsor, but he finally decided to ask Kyle, who immediately said no… because Kyle loves screwing with Kevin.

Kyle agreed moments later, and Kevin needed to choose a confirmation name, named after a saint. Kevin decided on Saint Luke.

The ceremony went off well, and the kids did a nice job before the Bishop. All the kids looked very nice, but some in the audience were, um, less so. A family came in, and one of the girls – likely a teen – wore a skin-tight dress whose hem was slightly below her pink parts. The high heels were a nice touch for church. /eyeroll

Afterward, we ordered out and had lunch at home with my mother-in-law and our friend Bill. It was a busy, but enjoyable day, and now the only ceremony left for Kevin this year is graduation in June.