Happy Birthday, Kyle!

This little child has just turned twenty years old.

Kyle is our first child, and the delivery was not pleasant. Mrs. Earp’s water broke early in the day, and we spent most of the day in the delivering room waiting for him to arrive. At one point, the nurses called a code blue, which thankfully, was a false alarm. When he did, he was premature, and spent about a month with a VCR attached to his chest. The monitor would go off if something happened, or if we tripped over the wires. Which we did. (Seriously, the monitor was huge.)

Kyle was always a good student, never a behavior problem, and lived for sports. Growing up he played lacrosse, street hockey, soccer, t-ball, and basketball. He’s still very active, and plays basketball with his friends often.

It’s difficult to accept the fact he’s twenty, because the time went by so quickly. That said, I’m proud of the man he’s become.

He will absolutely love his birthday gift, but he’s also stoked because the NHL season begins today… on his birthday. Happy birthday, Kyle!