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The These Boots Were Made For Street Walkin’ Caption Contest is now over.

Top Five Entries:
5. The rest of her furry outfit was at the cleaners, but the boots were okay! – Mike AKA Proof
4. Puss in Boots. – Barry D.
3. Considering the two professions are so similar, the new Senator from Arizona decided one outfit would be appropriate for both of her occupations. – TXNick
2. When did Bernie Sanders join the press pool? – Dalek

WINNER! – Look people, you have to wear boots this high to wade through the Democratic sh$t in this place! – William

Weekend Caption Contest

These Boots Were Made For Street Walkin’ Caption Contest
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Original Caption: Wtf is @SenatorSinema wearing! Those boots look terrible with that dress, even if it was appropriate clothing for her job. They don’t even match. The colors completely clash. What on earth. If she was going to wear thigh highs with that dress they should have been grey.

Sinking Arizona

There’s an old saying in politics which claims you get the government you deserve. It would appear Arizona is doing just that, as Arizona-hating leftist Kyrsten Sinema has won the U.S. Senate seat.

The prolonged Arizona Senate election is Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema’s to lose as incoming mail-in ballots continue to trend in her direction.

Following a dump of new mail-in ballots Sunday, Sinema expanded her lead over GOP Rep. Martha McSally — with Sinema now leading by 32,292 votes, or 1.5 percentage-points. Her campaign is declaring it would be impossible at this point for McSally to swing the election.

McSally was not a great candidate – she’s a John McCain “conservative” – but Synema has continually attacked and insulted Arizona and its people. Why would you run for office in a state you despise?

However, McSally’s camp is holding out hope, pointing out that thousands more ballots remain to be counted. There are estimated to be well over 200,000 votes left to tally. Arizona — a state where 75 percent of votes are cast by mail-in ballot — traditionally witnesses slow-paced election results.

Most of you know how much I love Arizona. It was on my short list for retirement spots. No longer. Arizona is trending blue, and when the state elects such a despicable woman to the Senate, you know it’s time to look elsewhere.

A Little Something For Everyone

Today begins two glorious days off. In fact, it is the first time in a month where my days off haven’t been occupied with college visits or hospital stays. As such, I am doing nothing today or tomorrow. Literally. Nothing. I will, of course, be posting, but I’m trying to rest the heart a bit before going back to work. In the meantime, here’s a smorgasbord of news which I found interesting.

This is the case we walked into at 7am yesterday. There are no words.

Police on Tuesday found the body of a 2-year-old child partially buried in a wooded section of Kemble Park in Philadelphia’s Ogontz section.

Homicide Capt. John Ryan told reporters that officers went to the park after the female caregiver of the 2-year-old went to police late Monday and led them to the park. Police used cadaver dogs in the predawn hours Tuesday to look for the remains and called in the Crime Scene Unit and the Medical Examiner’s Office after daylight.

Ryan said the body had been partially buried with the top of the head exposed. He indicated the remains had been there for some time.

People are savages. This “caretaker” took a week to report the child missing. A week. Let that sink in…

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