Embrace The Briny Deep

A 200-year old shipwreck has been found at the bottom of Lake Erie and recently identified.

A ship that sunk nearly 200 years ago in Lake Erie has finally been identified.

Cleveland-based shipwreck hunters have been studying the remains of the ship and believe it to be the doomed vessel known as the ‘Lake Serpent’. Expert analysis of the wreckage has proved that this is the oldest shipwreck in the entire lake.

On October 8, 1829, the Cleveland Weekly Herald reported the Lake Serpent left four weeks earlier to get stone from Put-In-Bay on Lake Erie’s South Bass Island.

‘The newspaper was able to confirm that the Lake Serpent had loaded the stone at Put-In-Bay, but hadn’t been seen since,’ the Cleveland Underwater Explorers reveal. It was also reported at the time that the bodies of the Lake Serpent’s captain and his brother, Ezra and Robert Wright, washed ashore in Lorain County, Ohio in the first week of October 1829.

It’s bad enough to be lost at sea, but to be lost outside Cleveland? Wow, that’s awful.