The Stars At Night Are Big And Bright

An unidentified flying object almost collided with a Boeing 737 as it approached the runway at Leeds Bradford Airport on September 1.

The rogue object came at the packed Boeing 737 plane “almost head on” as pilots prepared to land at Leeds Bradford airport.

The scare on September 1 was rated a ‘Category A’ event by the UK Airprox Board – which monitors and investigates near-miss events. The unidentifiable object – which could have been a drone or lantern – was just 10 feet away from the flight arriving from Spain.

The Airprox report revealed: “Both pilots suddenly saw a bright light and an object which appeared to be moving toward the aircraft, almost head on, slightly up and to the left. “The object appeared without warning and there was no time to act.”

The airliner landed safely before the Cylon raider fired its missiles. Sadly, it destroyed Leeds United’s Elland Road soccer stadium. Eh, no big loss.