Growth Spurt

Home Of The WhopperResearchers at Britain’s University of Exeter have released a study claiming the more sex one has, the larger his genitals become.

That is not possible… because my genitals are already galactically large!

The University of Exeter’s paper, published in the Evolution journal, shows that having sex can cause males to grow bigger reproductive organs. The bad news is, the study was conducted with burying beetles as opposed to humans.

The test was done across two sets of beetles – one which had lots of sex, and one which had minimal amounts. The ones who had lots of sex developed their reproductive organs at a quicker pace than the ones who didn’t get frisky.

The study was conducted over ten generations and showed that the more sex the animals were having the bigger their genitals became.

This obviously explains Bill Clinton. While charming, he is not a very handsome man, but he pulls more ass than a toilet seat. Significantly, this also explains why Hillary Clinton is such a large c-word.