Florida Man Wades Into Gator-Filled Lake

A Florida man was found dead in Taylor Lake after he waded into the water to search for missing frisbees. The man knew the lake was infested with gators, but went into the water anyway.

The body of Sean Thomas McGuinness, 47, was discovered in Taylor Lake in Largo, where he often went in to search for objects fallen from a nearby disc golf course, police said.

‘When Sean McGuinness was recovered last week, he was observed to be missing three limbs,’ Largo police spokeswoman Megan Santo said. His remains were found on May 31, and the final medical examiner’s report is expected in late July.

I simply do not understand how someone who lives in Florida would voluntarily to wade into a lake where gators are present.

McGuinness went chest-deep into the lake two weeks before the incident and knew it was filled with alligators, Derek Erskin, 37, who visited the site often, told the station. ‘He was fully aware,’ said Erskin. ‘He seemed to be pretty comfortable with what he was doing.’

I feel badly for his family, but good grief, why would you do such a thing?

Florida’s Most Popular Couple

Meet Grant Mulder and Lauren Baugh of Largo, Flori-Duh. Grant and Lauren were having a delightful time at a park when they decided they wanted to pleasure themselves in the populated park. Things did not go well.

According to police, Grant Mulder, 48, and Lauren Baugh, 41, were spotted Saturday afternoon around 1:45 PM trysting in Largo Central Park in Largo, a city in the Tampa Bay area. The couple, cops say, were spotted near a veterans memorial inside the 70-acre park.

As detailed in one arrest affidavit, a Largo Police Department officer witnessed Baugh “lying on her back with her legs spread apart and her vulva exposed as her boyfriend and co-defendant performed cunnilingus on her.”

Mulder and Baugh, the patrolman reported, were visible to park patrons as well as pedestrians and motorists passing by on a “highly trafficked roadway” adjacent to the park. The affidavits state that there was an “indication of alcohol influence” with regard to both defendants.

So. Much. Class. Lauren isn’t terrible, but Beardsley McStrawhat looks like a homeless person.

The All-Fleeing Eye


Meet Edward Dorsey of Largo, Florida. Edward was always a star pupil; a man who always had his eye on the prize, even when “the man” tried to lash him down.

Edward Dorsey, 54, was first arrested Sunday morning on a domestic violence charge for allegedly striking his wife during an 8 AM argument in the couple’s Largo home. A police report notes that drugs and alcohol appear to have played a role in the confrontation.

Following the misdemeanor collar, Dorsey was transported to the Largo Medical Center for treatment.

While in the emergency room, Dorsey “removed his glass eye” and then “threw his glass eye at the ER doctor and ER nurse,” a Largo Police officer reported.

Dorsey’s glass eye is missing in his mug shot, which would lead me to believe the police seized the eye – which was used as a weapon in the assault – for evidence.