Murder In Vegas

A man has been arrested after he stabbed eight people, including Las Vegas Showgirls. At the moment, two are confirmed dead. The animal was arrested and the knife was recovered.

A violent stabbing attack left two people dead and at least eight others injured in Las Vegas Thursday. Some of the victims were showgirls taking pictures with tourists.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told reporters on the scene there had been eight victims; two had died and three were in critical condition in a hospital. He added a suspect was in custody and a kitchen knife had been recovered from the scene.

This country is going to hell. There are so many angry people doing their level best to kill as many people as they can. It’s been like this for a while, but instigators like F. Joe Biden aren’t helping the situation.

Reporter Joe Moeller at local station KTNV Tweeted: “I’m speaking with a woman who says 4 injured showgirls work for her. She says the suspect had a knife & claimed he was a chef & wanted to take a picture with the showgirls, when they said no that is when the stabbings started.”

I would suggest the same penalty as the animal who stabbed her sister in the heart. Death penalty.

Placing The Bow On The Package

Nevada state troopers had their hands full last week, when a crazed motorist rammed the rear-end of a motorcycle, knocking the cyclist onto the road and continued driving… with the motorcycle dragging behind the vehicle.

According to state police, troopers responded to southbound U.S. 95 near Sunset Road for a crash involving a motorcyclist around 6:45 p.m., April 8.

Witnesses who pulled over to render aid to the motorcyclist told troopers that a man driving recklessly and struck the rear-end of the motorcycle. The Acura continued southbound dragging the motorcycle underneath the car.

That’s not even the most bizarre detail of this story…

Witnesses told troopers that the man driving the Acura ran from the car, and was armed with a bow and arrow, and was shooting the arrows at passing vehicles.

Wow, those Dungeons and Dragons players really take the game seriously.

Troopers, along with Henderson police located the man driving the Acura and placed him into custody without incident. The driver of Acura was identified as Ronnie Macias.

The good news is Macias looks exactly what you’d expect from a man shooting arrows at vehicles.

What Happens In Vegas…

Meet Eric Holland of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Eric was out for a leisurely drive through the desert when he was pulled over by Las Vegas police. The officers asked Holland to exit the vehicle, and when they searched the car, they found a heady amount of interesting items.

A Las Vegas man fleeing police in a stolen truck was eventually stopped, only for the officers to find coolers full of body parts, including a severed head, inside, according to cops.

Eric Holland, 57, was arrested Thursday after leading police on a chase when they tried to pull him over on unrelated charges, according to the police report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released Sunday.

When officers searched one of the stolen trucks, they found the coolers and the human remains, including the head, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. (H/TMike AKA Proof)

You’d figure Holland would plan ahead, or at least start heading far away from the big city.

Wow, They’re Getting Desperate

In an effort to give Chinese Wuhan Virus boosters, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club held a Boobs for Boosters event in Las Vegas yesterday.

One wonders if the boobs are à la carte, or part of a buffet?

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club – Las Vegas is hosting its second pop-up vaccination clinic coined “Boobs for Boosters” on Tues., Dec. 21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The club is partnering with Immunize Nevada to offer the first and second dose of both Pfizer & Moderna, the J&J (which patients could also opt in to get as a booster shot), along with Pfizer & Moderna boosters. Regular-dose flu vaccines, and high-dose vaccines for ages 65+ will also be available.

Those who show proof of being fully vaccinated and having received at least one booster vaccination will receive a $200 gift card for GoBest VIP Packages and dinner for 2 at Terrace Mediterranean, both redeemable during a future visit. The club will be hosting the clinic in a drive through format located in the club’s porte cochere.

I guess this is a good deal for those wanting the boosters, but I know a few people who caught Covid again after being vaxxed and with the booster. But hey, to each his/her own.

I’m Heaving On A Jet Plane…

A Las Vegas company is now renting jet planes for horny couples who want to join the Mile High Club. Of course, you could get it on in the comfort of your own room, and save the ridiculous $995 fee for a forty-five minute slobber knocker.

Pilot Anthony Blake’s job involves aimlessly cruising the clouds in a twin-engine Cessna while, in the back of the plane, his passengers get frisky.

“As the plane sways,” he said of the lightweight aircraft, “I often know who is where and who moved first.”

For $995, couples can charter a Love Cloud jet for 45 minutes and get busy while Blake, 51, flies them 5,280 feet above Las Vegas. Should that not be enough time to get your propeller spinning, sessions range up to $1,495 for an hour and a half. Seat belts can be ditched two minutes after takeoff.

The Cessna is tricked out with a bed, red satin sheets and “sex position pillow,” but don’t expect to get too comfy: A twin mattress is all that will fit in the cabin.

Good grief, I sincerely hope the pilot doesn’t have to disinfect everything afterward. Nasty.

Release The Karen

Meet the lovely and talented Getti Kehayova, a former circus performer and Guinness World Record holder for hula hooping. Getti was practicing hula hoop tricks at a park, when a Karen came along and claimed her clothing was “obscene.”

Getti Kehayova, 43, was practising hula hooping while hanging upside down from monkey bars, when a woman walked up to her and confronted her about her sliding top that showed her white sports bra underneath, according to a video that has since gone viral on TikTok.

Kehayova, who was wearing a white tank top and running shorts, asked the woman to step back, informing her that she was trying to film. But the woman interrupted her again as she resumed her practice.

Wow, a woman wearing a tank top… in Las Vegas… where it’s ridiculously hot during the day. Oh my god, what a f**king nightmare!

“This is the place where kids play. This place is for families… for families! You can’t just be half-naked up there,” the woman, who was with a toddler inside a pram, could be heard screaming in the video.

Look, I understand the country is on its last leg, but did I miss something? A tank top and running shorts is now obscene? Also, since when did the residents of Las Vegas decide a sports bra and shorts are “obscene,” but skimpy showgirl outfits are fine and dandy?

Also, click the link to see a photo of the Karen. She looks exactly like you’d expect.

She Has The Power

Meet Alissa Neeley of Iowa. Wait, Iowa??

Alissa was booked into the Circa Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, but was evicted after she decided to go off her trolley.

A woman was arrested on Monday night after allegedly causing a power outage at the Circa hotel and casino in downtown Las Vegas.

Police were called to Garage Mahal, Circa’s parking garage, about 10 p.m. on Feb. 1 about the woman who had entered a secure fire control room. Police were initially told she locked herself in and had disconnected wires which shut off power to the parking garage, hotel and casino.

Unfortunately for all of us, the story then took a disturbing turn.

Officers talked to security who said the woman was sitting in a chair inside the fire control room naked. Security knew her, as they had trespassed her earlier in the evening. Police said she was staying at the property and was evicted after she was found walking around the hotel floors naked and was going into employee-only rooms.

This has been stated many times here, but it bears repeating. In my decades as a lawdog, every naked female I have ever encountered on the job looked more like Richard Simmons than Jean Simmons.

She’s Still Jenni From The Block

Meet Jenni Lee, AKA Stephanie Saddora. Jenni was on top of the pr0n world and her films were busting out all over. Sadly, Jenni has gone down a little too far into one of Las Vegas’ holes.

Jenni Lee was one of the most successful porn actresses in the world. But last month she was found living in the tunnels under Las Vegas fighting for survival.

Deep beneath Vegas’s glittering lights lies a sinister 200 mile-long labyrinth inhabited by thousands who have lost everything to the city above. Jenni Lee’s shocking living situation was discovered by a film crew making a documentary about the tunnels.

Jenni Lee, AKA Stephanie Saddora, still has over 45,000 subscribers on a popular porn website and is ranked as “Pornstar number 119” in the world. Her latest porn film was added just one year ago, but the former X-rated actress features in more than 232 videos that are still readily available online.

Wow, that’s a tough pill to swallow, amirite?

Michelle Knows Nothing About Nothing

Cover your genitals, everyone; Michelle Obama is back mingling with the unwashed masses. This time, she’s begging the low-information voters to participate in the midterms.

Michelle Obama encouraged people who “know nothing about nothing” to get out and vote while speaking at a campaign-style rally on Monday in Las Vegas.

“Voting does not require any kind of special expertise,” Obama told the crowd. “You know, you don’t need to be have some fancy degree to be qualified to vote. You don’t have to read every news article to be qualified to vote.”

“I’ve been voting since I was 18 years old — and trust me I didn’t know nothing about nothing at 18 years old — right?” she said, throwing her hands up.

Sadly, little has changed. Thirty-six years later, Michelle Obama is utterly and completely ignorant about America and its Constitution.