Only Four F**king Days

Philadelphia mayor and drunken stumble-bum Jim Kenney mandated masks for anyone and everyone who enters a Philadelphia building Monday, despite the fact masks have been proven ineffective. What happened next, was peak Jim “I’ll Have Another Whiskey” Kenney.

Philadelphia’s Board of Health rescinded its indoor mask mandate Thursday night — three days after it went into effect, and hours after Mayor Jim Kenney defended the controversial policy that made his city an outlier in the national COVID-19 response.

There are multiple reasons why this bullsh*t mandate was revoked so soon. First, most Philadelphians were ignoring the order. Princess P and I went into two stores and were the only ones wearing a mask. The city has had enough of this failure theater, and it showed.

The city still strongly recommends masking in indoor public spaces, city spokesperson Kevin Lessard said.

“Due to decreasing hospitalizations and a leveling of case counts, the City will move to strongly recommending masks in indoor public spaces as opposed to a mask mandate,” he said.

The second reason is because Kenney fled to Florida for a week, and was seen walking around maskless.

Officials from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health have said from the day the mandate was announced they hoped it would be brief, but they projected it being in place for weeks, not days. The mandate, which required people to wear masks at all indoor public settings, including businesses, offices, and gyms, went into effect Monday.

The final straw was the 76ers basketball game. The cameras panned through the arena, and very few people were wearing masks. I believe that was the day the order went into effect.

Yesterday I went to the gym, and I was the only person in the place without a mask. I assumed everyone heard about the order being removed, but apparently not.