More Popular Than Dementia Joe

According to a recent poll, the illegitimate president is more popular than Sportsball, but less popular than law enforcement. Wait, what? It’s not every day where I get a backhanded compliment from a conservative news organization, but in this case I guess I’ll take it.

President Joe Biden is less popular than police and law enforcement agencies and more popular than Major League Baseball, according to a poll released by NBC.

The president notched a 50 percent total positivity rate compared to 58 percent for police and law enforcement agencies and 34 percent for MLB, which last month opted to move its All-Star Game and draft out of Georgia in protest of the state’s new election law.

I seriously doubt the illegitimate president has a 50% approval rating, but whatever. I do think it’s hilarious that only 34% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Major League Baseball. Personally, I hope MLB goes bankrupt, and this is coming from an Orioles fan.

Shooting The Breeze

I’m starting the week off on a bit of a sour note, but something happened this weekend which I felt needed to be addressed.

A longtime commenter sent me an email Friday night. The commenter, which I am not going to identify, has needled me before about police misconduct, both in emails and here on the blog.

The title of the email was “Shooting citizens,” so I should have expected this was not going to be a social call. The text read as follows:

Wyatt, you already have pretty much a free pass to shoot citizens when you are “In fear for your life”, a courtesy that is denied to the rest of the population, but if you keep up this shit, you are going to lose that free pass.

The commenter then refers to a story from St. Louis, where a white police officer shot a black off-duty St. Louis police officer in the aftermath of a high-speed chase. The off-duty officer responded to help, and was shot in a case of mistaken identity.

Idiotic move on the white officer’s part? Yes. Should he be disciplined for it? Yes. Does this have any bearing on me or my performance as a police officer? Of course not.

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