Like Weight On Rice

Meet Korean actress Lee Tae-Im. Looking at her, you can see she is the reason the United States protects South Korea from evildoers.

Now you may wonder how Lee maintains such a bangin’ body; the answer may surprise you.

Popular Korean actress Lee Tae-Im recently sparked a bit of controversy after revealing that she only eats three spoons of rice a day in order to maintain her slim figure.

Lee, who was previously known for her curves and overall healthy image, appeared on an episode of MBC Every1’s “Video Star” on Tuesday, where panelists quickly noticed her extremely slim physique. The young actress admitted to undergoing an extreme diet for the last six months, during which she only ate three spoons of rice per day.

And honey, it’s really working for ya! Lee embraced the diet after watching the Korean version of Mary Poppins, where Mary claims a spoonful of rice helps the cellulite go down.