Feed Them To The Lions?

The citizens of Italy have signed a petition to legalize euthanasia in their country, due to the fact the population is getting older. This may be the most disgusting story I have read in ages, especially since Rome used to be the cradle of Christianity.

Over 750,000 Italians have signed a petition for a public referendum on legalizing euthanasia, guaranteeing its presence in the next national elections, local media reported this week.

The three-quarters of a million signatures collected so far comfortably surpass the 500,000 needed to force an Italian referendum on the issue, and observers suggest the referendum could be voted on as early as next year.

Italy, which has the oldest population of any country in Europe and the second oldest population in the entire world, may soon legalize an escape chute for those wishing to unburden family members or the state. Even for those who do not wish it, the pressure to “do the right thing” will be substantial.

So not only will Italians vote for this measure, but they will also allow forced euthanasia. It’s obvious the European continent is dying, but I never expected them to be slaughtering their own people.