Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Officeholder

A new study has concluded what most of us already know; conservatives are more attractive than liberals.

Hot people are more likely to support right-wing parties because they are stronger and more successful than their more liberal peers, apparently. That’s according to a study carried out by Rolfe Daus Peterson, a political scholar from Susquehanna University and Carl Palmar, assistant professor in politics at Illinois State University.

They said that their findings prove attractive people tend to lean towards the right because they have better social skills and are more popular, competent and intelligent due to the “halo effect” – an idea that bias and stereotypes influence the way people judge others.

Writing about their findings in the Politics and Life Sciences journal published in December 2017, the pair said that on average, hotter people have an easier life so don’t see the need for more welfare, aid and government support, unlike their left-wing counterparts.

For those of you who disagree, please Google Rosa Delauro.

UPDATE: I don’t believe Trump is having an affair with Nikki Haley, but if he is… nice score!

Everyone’s Triggered

After the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, witnesses testified Virgil Earp warned the cowboys before the shooting began. Specifically, they claimed Virgil told them, “Throw up your hands. I want your guns.”

One hundred and thirty-six years later, the party who despises to police now suddenly trust us enough to confiscate America’s guns.

Behind every liberal reaction to a shooting is the looming specter of gun confiscation. Jimmy Kimmel even hinted at it with his comment that no one should own an M-16.

Confiscation makes more sense as the response to a dire threat that is going to kill millions of Americans — in the minds of liberals — than making sure suppressors are harder to buy. We need action now, so why not take all the guns? We can’t be safe until we know that no one outside of the state has them.

The odd thing about wanting gun confiscation is what it would entail. Prior to the Las Vegas massacre, liberal media was busy lionizing NFL players who kneeled during the national anthem to protest police brutality. The argument goes that law enforcement needs to be reined in and not be so militarized. However, gun control would require a massive, militarized police state dedicated to brutalizing its population in order to get those now-illegal firearms.

Liberals only like state power when it is in their own hands and is used to advance their agenda — which, unfortunately, is a lot of state power these days.

Liberals detest the constitution and everything for which it stands. In their view it should be a “living, breathing document” dontchaknow, malleable to their whims and desires. Besides, those old white men are not nearly as smart as the Lena Dunhams, Jimmy Kimmels, and Hillary Clintons of the world.

Good luck with your confiscations, Hollywood. I’ll be waiting for ya.