Philadelphia Has Become Thunderdome

The Philadelphia Police Department will be implementing a pilot program which will make it nearly impossible to conduct pedestrian investigations and vehicle stops. As part of the 2011 Bailey Agreement – where the NAACP claimed police were stopping blacks at a disproportionate rate – officers had to jump through hoops to stop a pedestrian for nearly any reason.

The irony of the Bailey Agreement is most of those stops were in the most violent parts of the city, and the majority of the people in those neighborhoods are black. Fun fact: you stop more white people in white neighborhoods, and you stop more black people in black neighborhoods.

The police commissioner is now doubling down on Bailey, and her pilot program would include the following measures. Officers will not be able to frisk any pedestrian for any reason; even if the radio call claimed the pedestrian is armed. Officers cannot stop someone solely by race (which I would agree, but rarely happens in my division).

Officers cannot stop someone who fits the description of a person with a gun. Officers cannot stop someone for narcotics unless there are other mitigating factors. (I agree with that, too, since Philadelphia effectively legalized drugs.)

The newest bright idea concerns city ordinances. Officers cannot stop someone for panhandling, public urination, or any similar offenses. I mean, if you believe in the Broken Windows Theory, you know the minor crimes usually lead to major crimes.

“This plan does not abandon enforcement of low-level vehicle violations but does modify how enforcement will occur by utilizing primary and secondary offense protocol, similar to the manner in which the current seatbelt laws are enforced.”

So if an officer observes someone running a red light, the offender also has to be speeding, or swerving, or not wearing his/her seat belt. In effect, the city has prohibited car stops, effective immediately.

You see, while the city was defunding the police – the department lost $33 million from the budget – they were also working to prevent police officers from doing their jobs. In a city overrun with homicides and other violent crimes, the city handcuffed their police officers and placed them on the bench. The city was already a war zone, but now it’s turning into Thunderdome.

Also, this happened yesterday…

This is how the city treats its workers. 90 f**king degrees.