Look At Those Speed Bumps

Lindsay Brewer

Lindsay Brewer is a race car driver from Colorado who wants to be the next Danica Patrick; except with talent and stunning good looks.

While Danica Patrick maybe the only well known female driver known to the masses, 19-year-old Lindsay Brewer from Colorado, is hoping that she can become a household name on the racing circuit before long.

Lindsay is gaining more attention and recognition by the day for her stunning Instagram account, which has more than 52,000 followers where she showcases her good looks alongside her driving skills.

Lindsay is a Freshman and currently attending San Diego State University. She is a member of the Alpha Phi sorority, but she says her real passion lies on the track and she is now looking for sponsorship in the hopes of racing professionally.

Pfft, my kids don’t need to go to college. Where do I sign?