The Georgia Peaches

An out-of-control lingerie party resulted in seventy arrests, and the confiscation of drugs and guns. Gawd, I need to move to Georgia.

According to Cartersville officials, the police department responded to Cain Drive in the early morning hours of New Year’s Eve after getting reports of shots being fired.

When officers got there, they were met with the smell of marijuana and several people trying to run from the area. After entering the home, officers said they saw weed in plain view and confiscated a semi-automatic weapon. Because of the presence of drugs, a gun and the sheer number of people inside, Cartersville Police notified the Bartow-Cartersville Drug Task Force to assist.

The drug task force got a search warrant and recovered two weapons (one reportedly stolen from Detroit, Mich.), individually-wrapped packages of marijuana and several smoking devices. Drug agents also found individually-wrapped packages of cocaine and other paraphernalia on several people.

My New Year’s Eve was spent playing Nintendo Wii with the kids, struggling to stay up until midnight, and wincing at the sound of Jenny McCarthy’s voice.