Hey Brother, Pour The Wine

It was a busy night for one New Hampshire State Police trooper Sunday, after he stopped two separate Massachusetts men driving at a high rate of speed while drunk.

New Hampshire State Police officials said a trooper who was monitoring traffic on I-93 in Bow saw a vehicle approaching his location at a very high rate of speed at about 3:20 a.m. Sunday.

The trooper obtained a radar reading of 120 mph as the vehicle approached and passed him. The trooper then stopped the vehicle and identified the driver as 25-year-old Jacob Hulsoor, of Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood.

Most of New Hampshire’s roads are pretty good, with long stretches. They are not, however, Formula 1 race circuits.

NHSP officials said the same trooper who arrested Hulsoor had arrested another driver earlier in his shift.

That trooper stopped a vehicle that had been traveling 100 mph on I-93 in Concord and identified the driver as 47-year-old Lionel Desilva, of Merrimac.

You’d think the Massholes would stick to driving in their own state while drunk, and not headed out of state to be arrested.