True Kevin Stories

During the Wuhan virus, my youngest son has been getting his fresh air by cycling a few miles through the neighborhood. Since he’s twelve, we try not to have him go too far, so he makes a few laps around the area.

But that’s not all.

On Tuesday he rode to the BJ’s Wholesale club about a half mile away. He rode his bike through the lot, and suddenly stopped when he noticed something which annoyed him. You see, there were a bunch of shopping carts throughout the parking lot, so he decided to park his bike, and move every cart to the cart corral. (Or whatever you call the thing where you leave the carts.)

When he came home Kevin let us know what he did. While I was proud of him for doing such a nice thing, I asked him when he started working at BJ’s Club.

Yesterday Kevin rode again and stopped at BJ’s again. This time he saw a very large toilet paper box lying in the parking lot. It was probably three feet by three feet. Angered that someone would just toss a box onto the lot, Kevin picked up the box, rode home with it – it was not crushed; the box was large – and put it in our recycling.

Again, I was proud of him, but I said he shouldn’t jeopardize your safety by riding home carrying a large empty box.

I figured this would happen after the weekend, when he stopped to pick up four empty plastic water bottles and rode them home while steering the bike with one arm…

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