Me So Coffee

If you ever wondered why we fought so hard to win the Vietnam War – and for the record, we won the war, but the politicians lost it – look no further than the bustling coffee shops of Little Saigon in Santa Ana, California.

When you talk about hot stuff at certain Vietnamese American cafes in Little Saigon, you’re not just talking about the coffee. This is where Hooters meets Starbucks. This is where lingerie-clad, spandex-sporting, high heels-wearing baristas make your coffee, whip up your smoothies and refill your green tea.

These waitresses seem to have an unwritten dress code worked into their job description. Bra tops, bustiers, corsets, itsy-bitsy spandex tube tops and bottoms, micro mini skirts and clear stilettos are the norm. At night, the clothes get a little fancier. There’s more satin and lace involved.

The most popular of these cafes — Cafe Lu on Harbor Boulevard and Cafe Di Vang 2 on Euclid Street — are packed day and night although they exclusively serve coffee, tea and smoothies. None of them offers alcohol, food or even light snacks. (H/TAOSHQ)

One of these cafe owners claim, “We’re just like Starbucks,” except unlike Starbucks, you can enjoy your coffee here without the draconian prices and smug liberal conversation.