Now Where Did I Put My Gun?


The Department of Homeland Security may be the most ironically titled organization in history.

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform leaders want to know how and why Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials lost 165 firearms in three years.

Panel chairman and Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Subcommittee on National Security Chairman and Florida Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis asked for DHS inventory records and policies in a letter Friday to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

The letter was prompted after the news website Complete Colorado reported last month that DHS marked 1,300 badges, 589 cell phones and scores of firearms lost or stolen between 2012 and 2015. DHS’s poor firearms security “shows that the department is consistently unable to safeguard sensitive property.”

Now the key word in this article is “lost.” These guns and badges were not lost, and they aren’t sitting in Jeh Johnson’s junk drawer. They were, for all intents and purposes, stolen, and most likely out on the street. Think about that the next time DHS claims they have our best interests at heart.