Bitches Get Stitches

Two drunken British teenage girls were arrested after insulting and assaulting Manchester police officers. See what happens when the Brits are locked out of soccer matches?

A pair of feral teens who terrorized a town center have been placed under curfew after spitting and swearing at police who were trying to arrest them during a drunken rampage.

During a violent struggle Charlie Beaumont, who was 18 at the time, assaulted a policewoman and screamed “you fat c**t, you’re a sl*g, I’m going to head-butt you”, while her friend Jamie Leigh Perkins tried to bite the officers.

Wow, I loved her in Halloween!

Despite their young age, the pair have lengthy criminal records for violence and were down for hanging around with other tearaways and causing trouble outside shops and businesses in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

You know what will straighten these hoors out? A nightstick to the head and ass. At least the judge had the right attitude…

“However you both have got to continue living your life to the high standards you have now set yourselves and prove that you wish to become part of the human race again and not be from a sub-culture who go round dragging their knuckles over the pavement.”

Hahaha! That’s simply savage.

The Wind Cries Scary

Two men were captured on video chasing money they stole as it blew down a Manchester street.

CCTV footage released by Greater Manchester Police shows a man struggling to get hold of the flying cash after two men stole it from a travel agents in Droylsden, Greater Manchester.

The men walked into the agents on Queens Walk on 1pm on Saturday 17 March 2018, where they demanded members of staff hand cash from the safe. They shoved the cash down the pockets of their trousers before fleeing the shop. But as they hurried away along Craven Street, notes started dropping out of their trousers and got caught up in the wind.

The men are seen desperately scrambling to catch the notes, which are scattered all over the street and pavement, before getting into a silver car which sped off towards Fairfield Road.

What, does England have no bags with dollar signs on them? Have these men no duffel bags? These clowns must have emigrated to England from Florida.

Terror Attack In Manchester

In an all too familiar scene, England has been the victim of another terrorist attack; this time inside the Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert.

Many of those in attendance were teenagers and younger.

AT least 19 are dead and about 50 injured after an explosion rocked an Ariana Grande concert in a “terror” attack at the Manchester Arena last night. Many of those killed are feared to be youngsters watching the popstar, who just left stage.

Witnesses reported hearing a “massive bang” before screaming crowds rushed out of the venue with police confirming the explosion is being treated as a “terrorist incident”.

As bomb squads worked at the scene to carry out a controlled explosion of another suspected device Greater Manchester Police said: “Just before 10.35pm on Monday 22 May 2017 police were called to reports of an explosion at Manchester Arena.

Police believe the device was a nail bomb; basically a pipe filled with nails, screws, and any other items which can be used as shrapnel.

While I am saddened at what England has become after the silent Muslim invasion, the fact police are treating this is an act of terrorism gives me hope they are finally awakening.