Sneak Softly And Carry A Big Stick

Goalie Burglarizes Manitoba Beer StoreThe Royal Canadian Mounted Police are working a case where two men dressed as hockey players broke into a store and took multiple cases of beer.

A Canadian hockey player who likes beer? Wow, what are the chances?

Police in Manitoba are searching for two men wanted in a beer store robbery earlier this month in which one of the suspects used an unusual disguise.

RCMP in Russell, Manitoba say one of the men was dressed up as a hockey goalie, “wearing a blocker, trapper and carrying a goalie stick.”

Surveillance video shows the two suspects approaching the establishment. They smash a door and make their way to the cooler where they grab several cases of beer before making their getaway on foot.

Outstanding work, Dudley Douchebag! Unfortunately if someone identifies you from the video, you’ll both be out of puck.