Well, I’m Back!

Did you miss me without missing me?

The family and I have been in the Outer Banks for the past two weeks, and my word, did I need a vacation from work. We weren’t able to come down here last year due to logistics problems, but this year make up for it. Our rental is gorgeous, it’s 300 yards from the beach, and we’ve had deer in our backyard every day.

I have been waking up and jogging four miles a day, every day – with the exception of last Sunday, because I was so exhausted. We’ve spent four to five hours on the beach, and with the exception of one bad jellyfish day, the climate has been pretty fantastic.

When we haven’t been on the sands, we took a few times outs to check some of the local goodies. One of our first was a trip to Fort Raleigh, the first English settlement in America in 1587. One of the park rangers sent us down a path to the bay, and told us to look for the white and red buoy. It marks where the fort extended before the bay, three hundred yards away.

The photo above shows some of the artifacts found at the fort…

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