Anthony Weiner Hardest Hit

The Japanese House of Councilors has amended a few of the nation’s laws, including lowering the age of adulthood to eighteen from twenty, and gender reassignment surgery cannot be done until the person is eighteen.

The House of Councilors, the upper house of Japan’s National Diet, has approved a bill to lower the age of legal adulthood in Japan. The legislation was initially introduced in March, with the amendments to the civil code being formally ratified on June 13.

The revision is the first change to the age of legal adulthood in over a century. The previous law, established during the Meiji period (which ran from 1868 to 1912) set the start of legal adulthood at 20, but the new law will knock that down two years, to 18.

Sadly, there is some bad news if you like them young…

In total, 22 sections of the civil code were amended, with the proposals winning broad support across Japan’s major political factions such as the Liberal Democratic, Komeito, and Japan Restoration parties. The changes aren’t all about lowering ages, either. Currently, women in Japan are allowed to marry at 16, two years earlier than men. Under the new ordinances, tough, it will be raised to 18, making the marriage age the same for both sexes.

If Jeffrey Epstein hadn’t already “killed himself,” he certainly would have done so after hearing this news.