School Of Crock

Judy Sugar, a former teacher at Westchester, New York’s Mary McLeod Bethune Junior and Senior High School is suing the school district after she was dismissed for filing a police report of sexual assault.

On May 14, 2015, she claims a student “accosted” her, touching her legs and backside with his exposed penis as she bent over a microscope.

The head teacher at the school reportedly told Sugar that if she wanted to file a report, she could stop by Dobbs Ferry police headquarters on her way home instead of calling officers to the school. But Sugar said she was worried about the safety of other students and of other teachers, particularly the recently hired “young, attractive” music instructor with whom the student was in class. So she called the cops who said they would respond to the school immediately.

Upon hearing this, the complaint states, Thompson reportedly said, “You called the police?” Almost immediately after that, Thompson allegedly told the teacher to leave school grounds and that insinuated job was in jeopardy.

The school district claimed she’d violated their policy barring teachers from calling the police to report a crime on school grounds.

Can you imagine firing someone for reporting a sexual assault by a student which happened on school grounds? Apparently the #MeToo effort has not yet filtered down to New York.

What happens when a student walks in and tries to pull a Columbine? Is it okay to call 911 then? I sincerely hope Ms. Sugar wins her lawsuit, and bankrupts the entire school district.