Fauci Wants You Masked Forever

There are very few more despicable people on Earth than Anthony Fauci. This piece of garbage is responsible for hundreds of thousands Covid deaths, Covid disinformation, and the suppression of alternative Covid cures.

Now this prick wants everyone to wear a mask – vaccinated or unvaccinated – forever. I. Will. Not. Comply.

Dr. Anthony Fauci thinks people should wear a mask — even if they are vaccinated — forever.

Funny, there are dozens and dozens of photos with Fauci not wearing a mask. It’s almost as if the rule doesn’t apply to our “elites.”

Getting vaccinated and wearing a mask is “not an either/or,” the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director told ABC’s Jonathan Karl on Sunday. “You can do both and should do both.”

Karl asked the chief White House medical adviser if he agreed with Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colo.), who decided not to reinstitute a state mask mandate despite climbing COVID-19 numbers. While Fauci agreed with the governor that COVID-19 is becoming a “crisis of the unvaccinated,” he still supports wearing a mask, even if a person is fully vaccinated.

What Fauci is saying here is that the vaccinations don’t work. If they did work, then there would be no need for a mask. Not to mention the handful of studies which claim mask’s don’t work when it comes to Covid. That would explain why so many mask wearers still caught the Chinese Wuhan Virus.

I mean, it’s your life and your decision; but while this asshole is telling us we cannot celebrate Christmas, I plan of doing the exact opposite.