Mayor Groot Can’t Recall Officer’s Name

Chicago Mayor Lori “Groot” Lightfoot and Superintendent David Brown disrespected slain officer Ella French days after she was murdered.

If you can’t take time to learn the name of a murdered officer, maybe you should sit down and STFU.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot botched fallen officer Ella French’s name just days after Chicago police superintendent David Brown did the same.

“The horrible tragedy of Ella Frank’s murder,” Lightfoot said during the 2022 budget engagement forum held at Truman College on Thursday.

Mayor Groot is a true piece of garbage. The “woman” despises her police force, and insults them at nearly every turn. She supports the thugs, and no one else.

French, 29, was shot and killed on Saturday night during a traffic stop. She is the first officer since 2018 to be killed in the line of duty in the city. Lightfoot botching her name comes just days after Brown referred to French as “Ella Fitzgerald” twice on Monday.

“The offender who is charged with first degree murder of Ella Fitzgerald,” Brown said at one point during the press conference. “The gun used in this shooting and this murder of Ella Fitzgerald was illegally possessed,” he said at another point.

Brown’s debacle was galactically worse. Groot hates the cops, so she couldn’t care less if she botched French’s name. Brown is the f**king police chief, and he couldn’t remember her name? I’ll bet they both remembered George Floyd’s name, and they say it with reverence.