Murica, F Yeah!

The leftist mask-mandating mayor of San Antonio has been spending the bulk of his time “leading” by doing everything in his power to shut down a local strip club. As if there were no pressing issues in Texas.

A local gentleman’s club is going to great lengths to stay open, despite the city’s dramatic efforts to shut them down. The city had completed the process to shut the power off here at XTC Cabaret.

Attorneys for the business said then, that they were not going down without a fight, that’s why we’re told the business reopened this past weekend. How did management at XTC Cabaret get around having no lights? Well they brought in a generator to supply power to the building.

God bless Texas, and this mayor can screw right off.

We asked Mayor Ron Nirenberg about the latest move by XTC Cabaret in their ongoing fight with the City of San Antonio. He would only say, actions have consequences, then went on to commend businesses that are following the rules.

Looks like San Antonio has a budding Andrew Cuomo in its midst, which is fine, because – like Austin and Houston – San Antonio isn’t really Texas. It’s New York South.