Duh, Everyone In Delaware Is Stupid

Meet McRoberts Williams of Wilmington, Delaware.

McRoberts, if that is his real name, decided to rob a Wells Fargo bank via demand note. The teller gave the robber some cash, and when McRoberts fled the scene, he stopped to do something galactically stupid.

Investigators say that McRoberts Williams, 44, approached a teller Saturday morning at a crowded Wells Fargo in Wilmington and handed her a note reading “This is a robbery, I need $150.”

After the 25-year-old bank employee provided Williams with cash, he fled the bank. But instead of racing from the crime scene like your average bank robber, Williams exited the Wells Fargo and “made a deposit in the atm on the exterior of the building,” the Delaware State Police report.

Williams told police that, “the money had been deposited and was no longer on his person.” A detective reported that while no money was recovered from Williams, he was “in possession of a Wells Fargo bank card.”

So this dumbass stole $150, fled the bank, and deposited the $150 into the bank he just robbed. Is it possible this moron is related to the Biden family?