Heidi, Heidi, Heidi, Ho

A Minnesota woman allegedly lost her Scandinavian composure last month when she refused to wear a mask while shopping. Wow Minnesota, you really have outshined yourselves of late.

Heidi Ruth Mueller, 35, last month sought to enter a Menards home improvement store near her home in North Mankato, a city 80 miles from Minneapolis.

When Mueller attempted to walk into the business, an employee instructed her she “needs a mask to shop at the store per store policy.” Mueller then “quarreled briefly” with the worker before grabbing the man’s face and pulling his mask down.

Considering authorities sat back and allowed Antifa and Black Lives Matter destroy the city of Minneapolis, I assume pulling down an employee’s mask is akin to littering.

After a second worker intervened and told her to leave, Mueller slapped the first employee “in the face and ripped his mask off before throwing the mask in the garbage,” cops say. She then “fled to the parking lot and left.”

Obviously, I’m not defending Heidi here, but slapping someone in the face and tossing their mask into the garbage is little more than simple assault. It’s effectively a summary citation at best. Ban Heidi from the store, stand fast on the mask rule, and put up a sign which reads, “No Fat Chicks.”

(Yuuuge thanks to Misanthropic Humanitarian at AOSHQ for the linkage!)