Florida Is Full Of Boobs

An Alabama woman decided to escape her state to enjoy the pageantry of scenic, majestic Florida. Apparently it doesn’t take long for people to come down with the Flori-duh Fever.

On Oct. 2 a Crestview Police officer spotted a white Mustang with a tag that was about two weeks past due and pulled over the driver, a 40-year-old woman from McCalla, Alabama. A records check revealed the driver was wanted in Walton County on an outstanding warrant.

The officer restrained the woman and before searching her and her car, asked if she had any weapons or something that could cause harm. Just in her purse and her bra, she replied. But when the officer searched her purse he found needles, a white, crystal-like substance that turned out to be methamphetamines, and a gray power with a spoon. The gray powder field-tested positive for heroin.

A small envelope hidden inside the woman’s bra contained meth.

Thank Vishnu the envelope didn’t tear, or that woman’s nipples would have been seeing double rainbows all the way across the sky.