Avenatti Convicted Of Extortion

Before we begin, I purposefully ignored the Andrew McCabe story – short version: the DOJ is refusing to charge him for his crimes – because the decision would angry up the blood.

Yes, the Lord taketh away, but He also giveth. Take creepy pron lawyer Michael Avenatti, for instance.

A jury found celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti guilty Friday on all three charges he faced in relation to his scheme to extort over $20 million from sportswear and apparel giant Nike.

Avenatti was charged with threatening he would stage a news conference exposing its efforts to corrupt college basketball unless it paid him between $15 and $25 million to conduct an internal investigation into his claims.

It’s ironic I’m posting this on President’s Day, since the leftist jackasses at CNN were actively touting Avenatti as the Democratic candidate who could beat President Trump.

The good news is Avenatti is facing more charges for other crimes.

Avenatti’s legal woes are far from over. He faces a trial in New York over charges that he stole $300,000 in book proceeds from his former client [Stormy] Daniels and another trial in California that he swindled settlement funds from a client.

Avenatti, 49, is looking at fifty years for the Nike extortion. If you look at, say, ten years for the other thefts, it’s likely the creepy porn lawyer will spend the rest of his miserable life in prison.

Creepy Pr0n Lawyer Needs A lawyer

According to federal prosecutors, Creepy Pr0n Lawyer Michael Avenatti, the man who claimed he was going to take down President Trump, has not filed an income tax return since 2010. Avenatti has already been charged with wire fraud and extortion, so more charges may be pending.

The Los Angeles Times reported Avenatti, now facing federal indictments in both New York and California, appears to have been living the life of luxury — all while allegedly stiffing Uncle Sam on a regular basis.

In 2009, the IRS reports that Avenatti claimed some $1.9 million in personal income — but never paid his tax bill, which amounted to $570,000. He allegedly repeated the same move in 2010, when he claimed $1.2 million in earnings but never paid the $282,000 he owed on that income.

Since 2010, the IRS reports that Avenatti did not file tax returns, either personal or for his law firm, Avenatti & Associates, in spite of bank deposits totaling $18 million and $38 million respectively.

In twenty-five years of policing, I have learned the people who should keep their mouths shut are always the ones drawing attention to themselves. The guy who steals a car is always speeding and running lights. It’s always the people screaming about corruption who are the ones taking bribes. Avenatti is the same way. If he laid low and dropped out of the limelight, he may have gotten away with tax evasion. But he had to feed his massive ego, and people started scrutinizing him. The man is his own worst enemy.

Don Surber has been referring to stories like this as Trumpenfreude. noting many of the people who claimed they were going to ruin Trump have run into hard times. For example, Stormy Daniels was arrested, then her marriage collapsed. She is just one of dozens of people who attacked the president and had misery befall them.

Surber’s entire list can be found here.

The Storie Feller

Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti was arrested yesterday for “allegedly” beating up his wife (pictured). This has been one of the worst weeks of my life, but after this story hit the wire, all is good on the Earp Ranch.

Michael Avenatti, the attorney for a porn actress who claims she was paid hush money to keep silent about an alleged affair with Donald Trump, has reportedly been arrested for domestic violence.

Avenatti’s estranged wife, Lisa Storie, filed a criminal complaint against the lawyer with authorities in Los Angeles. Law enforcement sources [said] Storie’s face was ‘swollen and bruised’ when she submitted her complaint to authorities.

Storie was seen Wednesday running out of the apartment and screaming into her cell phone while wearing sunglasses to conceal the alleged bruises on her face. He is reported to be in police custody.

Avenatti was reportedly heard screaming, “She hit me first!” You know, for a Creepy Porn Lawyer, Avenatti isn’t exactly skilled when it comes to viable defenses.