Bloated Leftist Sticks It To Trump

Morbidly obese leftist “director” Michael Moore is so angry over the SoulCycle owner’s politics, he’s decided to do something about it.

As you’re probably aware, there’s been a renewed push on the Left to name, shame and boycott the businesses of people involved in either donating to Trump’s re-election campaign and/or hosting fundraisers. The developer behind Soul Cycle is one of those people, and Michael Moore tweeted this in response:

We’re not even going to ask if he’s joking. (H/T – MelP)

Funny, because I’m canceling my red carpet movie premiere appearances because Hollywood is full of leftists. Apparently Moore lies more in person than he does in his “documentaries,” because the fat bastard couldn’t even spell the word fitness.

Nice try, though, fatty. Too much pie, that’s your problem.

Less Is Moore

Bloated film director Michael Moore’s new anti-Trump film bombed at the box office in its first week, earning a paltry three million dollars; hardly enough to keep him fed for two days.

The news isn’t good for a trio of high-profile fall festival films opening nationwide box office — Michael Moore’s new doc Fahrenheit 11/9, the edgy teen black comedy Assassination Nation and Dan Fogelman’s Life Itself, according to early returns.

Unless traffic picks up, Fahrenheit 11/9 is headed for an eighth-place finish with only $3 million from 1,719 theaters (pre-release tracking had suggested at least $5 million-$6 million). One bright spot: Audiences gave it an A CinemaScore.

Of course they did, because the audiences were composed of unemployed, uneducated millennials who live in their parents’ basements. Publishing good reviews for fellow leftists is what makes their pathetic lives worthwhile.