One Less Brick In The Wall

An Indian man was killed after a monkey threw a brick at him, smashing his skull and killing him.

Local police confirmed that 30-year-old Mohammad Kurbaan was killed after being hit in the head with the falling brick in Central Delhi’s Nabi Karim area. Kurbaan, who sold bags from a shop in the area, collapsed after being hit with the brick and was taken to hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

This is exactly how Planet of the Apes started.

While investigating, police discovered that the owner of the building the bricks were thrown from had left two bricks above a water tank to prevent monkeys from opening it. Police said that a group of monkeys had managed to remove both of the bricks, throwing one at Kurbaan and hurling another onto a nearby terrace.

Indian should implement a hardhat mandate. Maybe it’s my white privilege talking, but why would anyone tolerate ravaging, brick-tossing monkeys in their country? It’s almost as bad as hanging on the outside of a train as it moves through the countryside.