Homer Simpson Approves

This really isn’t the year of the Russian. Vladimir Putin has seems to have serious medical problems, Ukraine has stopped some of the Russian army’s advance, and now a tire fire is blazing in Moscow.

According to preliminary reports the fire broke out at a tire factory in Russia’s Moscow on Kashirskoye Highway.

Is it wrong for me to hope the Kremlin burns to the ground?

The surface area of the fire was reported to be around 1,000 square metres with a Russian Ka-32 helicopter allegedly being called in to put out the fire.

There have also been reports of explosions caused by gas cylinders at the scene of the fire, with potential further explosions expected.

Wow, it would be a shame if Putin got too close to one of those cylinders. An absolute shame.

An Early Feel-Good Friday

Seven vehicles exploded on a Moscow street Wednesday, and an ammunition depot was set on fire in Belgorod.

Wednesday night on Kustanayskaya Street in eastern Moscow, social media videos showed a number of cars on fire. Up to seven vehicles were ablaze, as seen in accounts and videos of the incident.

Well, that’s a start. I wonder if this was the work of Ukraine or Russian citizens?

It comes as local authorities in three Russian regions close to Ukraine reported explosions on Wednesday night. An ammunition depot in Belgorod region was reportedly set ablaze.

Suspected attacks from Ukraine were also reported in the Voronezh and Kursk regions.

The despicable POS Putin may win this war, but if nothing else, Ukraine will fight them to the last man.