Gimme More Of Moreda

You know you have a terrific friend if the person understands you, supports you, and introduces you to an previously unknown fabulous babe. My friend Kevin helped introduce me to motorcycle racer and crazy stupid hot chick Shelina Moreda.

Shelina races at the Pro level in the USA, China, Qatar, Japan, and Europe. She has several “firsts” to her career, including being the first female to race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on a motorcycle, as well as the first female team to complete any Suzuka endurance race. Most recently, the first female to race the Zhuhai International Circuit in China where she finished 3rd on the Splitlath EBR Superbike. She also finished first in the Women’s Championship in Qatar in 2016.

Shelina also runs She’z Moto Camp, an all-female motorcycle skills school that focuses on building confidence and inspiring people to build their goals.

Is there is a bleacher section for pervy guys who want to check out hot babes in skin-tight racing suits? Asking for a friend.

Shelina is also one of the newest faces of Cover Girl cosmetics. Can’t imagine how she landed that gig.

I’ll be in my bunk.