The Tarnished Badge

Meet NYPD Officer Valerie Cincinelli.

Valerie is a “decorated officer” who apparently spent her work day monitoring security cameras. Meanwhile, she allegedly spent her free time trying to have both her ex-husband and her current boyfriend’s daughter killed.

Valerie Cincinelli, 34, tried to get her current boyfriend to hire a hitman, a police official told NBC 4 New York. Cincinelli was arrested Friday by the FBI following a sting operation. NYPD Internal Affairs assisted in her arrest.

A source familiar with the investigation [said] the child was her current boyfriend’s 14-year-old daughter.

Wow, Cincinelli is truly one of New York’s finest.

The officer previously worked out of the 106th Precinct in Queens, before being placed on modified duty in 2017 for an unrelated domestic incident. Before that though, she was an award-winning officer, including a “cop of the month” award from the Jamaica Rotary in June 2017.

So an officer with a history of domestic issues is simply moved to another division but never really disciplined. Thus, said officer believes she is untouchable, and jumps from domestic issues to murder-for-hire. Helluva police department you got there, New York.

A complaint filed against Cincinelli by federal prosecutors, she made a cash withdrawal on or about Feb. 18 of $7,000 from a bank to give to a cooperating source, identified as her current boyfriend, who would in turn give it to the hitman.

On or about May 8, Cincinelli told her boyfriend “to have the hitman kill Jan Doe over the weekend and then wait a week or a month to kill John Doe.”

So wait, I get the current boyfriend had no problem with Cincinelli murdering her ex-husband, but the boyfriend was equally fine with Cincinelli murdering his own daughter? Christ, this woman must be amazing in bed.

Normally, I get no pleasure out of seeing police officers go to prison, since it is usually a death sentence. In this case, I will make an exception.

She Didn’t Mean No Harmon

Meet Chandra Danette Harmon.

Chandra is a defendant in a murder case, an while she is in her fifties, age apparently doesn’t stop her from living as a millennial. You see, Chandra believes the courts should give her special privileges, despite the fact she may have murdered someone.

One defendant in what federal prosecutors call a “murder-for-hire” conspiracy admitted to numerous bond violations related to drugs while another wants her passport so she can go on a European cruise.

Chandra Harmon — the mother of Tawnney Caldwell who, like Roberts, could face the death penalty if found guilty in Bobby Caldwell’s death — filed a motion to get her passport back so she can travel down the Danube River with a man who is not her co-defendant husband.

Pfft, the state is going to let a measly murder charge to keep Chandra from the trip of a lifetime? That seems rather petty to me.

Chandra Harmon has been indicted for aiding and abetting in the tampering of a witness by intimidation. Harmon’s husband James was indicted for aiding and abetting a felon in possession of a firearm.

Just because Chandra dabbles in witness tampering, intimidation, and firearms doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. Bon voyage!

Katrina And The Graves

Meet Katrina Danforth.

Katrina boinks guys professionally under the stage name Lynn Pleasant, but sadly, she is anything but.

An adult film actress from Post Falls, Idaho, is pleading innocent to charges that she tried to hire someone to kill another person.

The Spokesman-Review reported that 31-year-old Katrina L. Danforth entered the plea on Wednesday in federal court in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Danforth makes adult films under the name Lynn Pleasant.

Court records say she tried to hire someone to kill a person identified only as “R.H.” Other details were not available.

I’m as upset at the end of Top Gear as the next guy, but that’s no reason to murder Richard Hammond. The man is an icon!

By the way, how funny is it that a pr0n star hails from Idaho. It’s not just her state; it’s also her description.