Slovenia Erects Border Fence

Slovenian Border Fence

Apparently, Slovenia wants to secure their borders from the Middle Eastern migration Islamic invasion, because racism. Or something.

Slovenia began erecting a razor wire fence along parts of its border with Croatia on Wednesday, saying it wanted better control over a tide of migrants flowing through the tiny country en route to other areas of Europe.

Around 180,000 people, many fleeing war in Syria and Afghanistan, have streamed into Slovenia since mid-October after trekking northwards along a Balkan corridor from Greece, most of them bound for Austria and then Germany.

The main point of disagreement in the EU is over mandatory national quotas to share out asylum seeking refugees and migrants among the 28 member states.

So the EU is demanding mandatory quotas for its member countries? I guess since Germany and Sweden have adopted the misery loves company approach/ They have already been conquered, so the more the merrier!

I love the quote, “many fleeing war in Syria and Afghanistan.” If you have seen the photos, most of these poor, fleeing migrants are young males. I guess one man’s migrant is another man’s Soldier of Allah.