Crossword Uses A Very Cross Word

A local Canadian newspaper is under fire for using an offensive word in their weekly crossword puzzle. One of Le Plateau’s clues referred to an offensive word for black females. Ouch.

Montreal’s Métro Média has apologized for including the N-word in a French-language crossword in the community newspaper Le Plateau.

“We recently published a crossword containing an expression that could be hurtful to our readers, particularly those from the Black community,” Métro Média said in a statement posted to Facebook, Monday afternoon.

The clue was “Person of the Black race.” The answer was the feminine-plural version of the N-word.

For the record, that word would be “negress,” which is occasionally used in Archer on FX when referring to Lana Kane. And people say you can’t learn anything from animtaed sitcoms.

All The Racism That’s Fit To Print

An investigation by the Daily Caller revealed several New York Times reporters tweeting out racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-military comments over the course of several years.

The NYT knowingly employs journalists who use vulgar language to deride the military, float anti-Semitic conspiracies, and use racial slurs on Twitter, The Daily Caller has learned. NYT journalist Jugal Patel tweeted in 2012, “Fuck the military.”

NYT Afghanistan reporter Fahim Abed has used his Twitter account, once in 2014 and again in 2015, to push an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that the head of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, trained with Israel’s Mossad.

Another NYT reporter, Sapna Maheshwari, enjoyed tweeting the n-word in 2012:

She tweeted, “ORDERING FISH FILLET WILL NEVER BE THE SAME #niggasinparis #watchthethrone @watchthethrone #FISHFILLET #thatshitcray #TAGFRENZYHAPPYFRIDAY.”

Thankfully, 21st century America provides stringent rules for the great unwashed (see also: Roseanne Barr) , and special rules for our intellectual betters on the left (see also: The New York Times).

Racist Rapper Rips Rueful Rooter

Before this morning, I have never heard of Kendrick Lamar. Apparently he’s a racist rapper – shock – who makes ample use of the n-word, and is very popular with members of all races.

After this performance, maybe Lamar’s white fans will seek entertainment somewhere else.

In American society, it is widely acknowledged that white people should not say the n-word. Nor should they rap it. Nor should they rap it on stage at a Kendrick Lamar performance in front of thousands of people.

For the record, the author of this despicable article is a pasty, self-hating white woman.

One white-appearing woman, identified in a video as “Delaney,” learned that lesson the very public way at Alabama’s Hangout Festival on Sunday. Lamar invited Delaney onstage during his song “M.A.A.D. City,” which chronicles the rapper and recent Pulitzer Prize winner’s experiences growing up in Compton.

The song contains 15 instances of the slang word “n—a,” three of which Delaney rapped with abandon. Until the music stopped halfway through the song. The packed crowd can be heard booing and cursing at the woman.

“You got to bleep one single word,” Lamar said.

So let me get this straight; Kendrick Lamar pens a rap song with fifteen instances of the word “nigga,” invites a white woman on stage to sing it with him, then stops the show when she actually says “nigga?”

So these are the new rules. I wonder if Lamar and all his entertainment friends will feel the same way if white women suddenly stood up and said, “We’re not going to date you anymore?”

Phony Cuomo

fake-news-purveyor-chris-cuomoThe best thing about the Trump presidency is it has shown the true colors of our betters in the media. For the most part, those colors are snowflake white and cowardice yellow.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo offered an apology on Twitter Thursday afternoon after he compared the term “fake news,” used against him and other members of the media by President Donald Trump, to racial slurs like the “n-word.” In an interview with SiriusXM, Cuomo said, “The only thing that’s bothersome about it, is that I see being called ‘fake news’ as the equivalent of the ‘n-word’ for journalists…”

But a few hours later, it was Cuomo was apologizing for the “n-word” comment he made, tweeting, “I was wrong. Calling a journalist fake -nothing compared to the pain of a racial slur. I should not have said it. I apologize.”

So we now have leftist white journalists – but I repeat myself – pulling out the race card when their feelings are hurt? Are you kidding me? This entire incident could have been avoided if Cuomo had an ounce of self-awareness and realized he and his network was hip-deep in fake news.

Or does he not remember Donna Brazile?