True Detective Stories

Saturday night was a nightmare. I walked in a little before three and there were already two shootings – a single and a double. As the night went on, the jobs started pouring in at an alarming rate, and every cop in the division wanted to show off their shiny new arrests.

About three hours into the tour, the sergeant posed an interesting question: “Why the Hell are these cops making dozens of car stops and arresting people for drugs? Every single person you come into contact with increases your chances of catching the coronavirus.”

I sat back for a minute and realized, “Holy crap, he’s right.”

Since the Soros-imposed District Attorney arrived, drugs have been effectively legal in this city – marijuana specifically. Shoplifting is also legal, as long as you keep under the leftist-forced limit. So why, during a viral pandemic, are these morons breaking their backs to make misdemeanor arrests?

Look, if the children want to lock people up, that’s on them, but every one of these toads are brought to my installation and housed here for hours. You dicks may not care of you get sick, but I don’t want to be quarantined for two weeks because some jackass wanted to earn court overtime.

I swear to Vishnu, I work with nothing but halfwits.