What Is It With Tennessee And Fireworks?

Meet Courtney Mayes of Nashville, Tennessee. Courtney is a smoking hot babe who decided to make her workplace a smoking hot eatery… by allowing her employees to conduct an indoor fireworks display.

Nashville Fire Department investigators arrested a Taco Bell shift leader after a fire allegedly set by employees playing with fireworks inside the restaurant.

NFD said the surveillance footage showed employees locking the restaurant to keep customers from entering the business. They then allegedly ran around the store with fireworks in their hands. At one point the employees went into the men’s restroom and returned to the lobby a few minutes later and placed an item in a trashcan near the door.

Employees allegedly went outside the restaurant and began recording video of the trash can on their phones. While doing so, the employees locked themselves out of the store and called 911 when they saw smoke coming from the trash can.

It’s high time Taco Bell experienced the noxious gasses the rest of us suffer from after chowing down on Mexican pizza and a trio of Gorditas.