GOP Now Taking Deep State Leaks Seriously

Remember when the deep state leaks started flowing? Most of them were aimed at President Trump, and while the blowback was chaotic, most Republicans sat on their hands. Now that the GOP sees the leaks can affect them, they want something done.

Indeed, some conservatives on Capitol Hill think intelligence sources could leak information on them too, as they did on former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and routinely flout laws sharply limiting surveillance on Americans.

“The spying by our government on Americans cannot be tolerated, and it is being tolerated,” Rep. Ted Poe, a conservative Texas Republican, said in a telephone interview.

Poe blamed the National Security Agency for overreaching its authority, and said he would not be surprised if the agency’s employees were surveilling people like himself, a former criminal court judge.

“Nothing would surprise me about what the NSA does. Unfortunately, they cannot be trusted,” said Poe.

No kidding, and who’s fault is that? You idiots are in charge, and you have the power to drain the swamp. How about you get off your fat asses and get to work?