True Detective Stories

Yesterday began another tour of night work. Night work is fabulous because 1. I don’t have to wake up at 5:30am, and 2. I can get away from my rotten kids.

Sadly, it’s not all smiles and sunshine. I know I put up these posts almost every first day back, but this one bears repeating. When I walked into the division and approached my desk, there were four active assignments waiting for me. The day shift got crushed and they left us a carjacking, a domestic robbery, a theft arrest, and an assault on police case. This wouldn’t be such a bother if I had detectives on the early end. The Red Menace and Napoleon took a vacation day, and the only decent detectives were Captain Rogers and Salma Hayek. We also had Diego.

Diego got the carjacking, Salma got the theft arrest, and Captain Rogers got a stolen car report. The domestic robbery and the assault on police were put on hold.

While I waited for the late end to come in, I looked in our mailbox. There were just under thirty unassigned jobs in the box, because my coworkers refuse to enter jobs when I am not working. It took me three and a half hours to enter and assign all the jobs – it turned out to be twenty-nine of them – before I could even begin to tackle the current day’s jobs. I got it done, and the supervisor said I could hold some for the next day, but I wanted these jobs out of my queue…

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