You Can Care About Nevada Again

The governor of Nevada has decided to reopen the state’s brothels, claiming the local politicians haven’t had a rub-and-tug since March of 2020. Looking at you, Harry Reid.

Nevada brothels have started to reopen, with counties that allow legal sex work resuming operation after Gov. Steve Sisolak devolved responsibility of some coronavirus guidance to individual counties on May 1.

The state legalized prostitution in brothels, but only certain counties allow brothels within their borders: State law bans brothels in counties that have more than 700,000 inhabitants.

Sex workers struggled to support themselves after businesses closed down during the pandemic and are eager to return to work – even with precautions in place.

“I’m really excited,” Alice Little, a sex worker, told The Nevada Independent. “It’s well overdue. I’m so eager to be back in that space, to be able to see people again.”

Believe me, Alice; there are plenty of guys who want to be in your space, too.