True Detective Stories

Today is my third day back at work after the Chinese Wuhan Virus made me much skinnier, so I figured I’d update everyone on the shenanigans.

The New Computer System. The new computer system has been a worry of mine for a while, because I just knew I wouldn’t be here when it was up and running. I assumed I’d be recovering from shoulder surgery, but the Wuhan got to me first. My first impression is the system isn’t as awful as I imagined. Everything is new, and there are still a lot of bugs – the search feature is a mess – but otherwise, it’s user friendly and it doesn’t crash every ten minutes.

Of course, since this is a big city police department, the bosses refuse to accept progress. I need to use the new system for entering and assigning jobs, but I also need to enter them not once, not twice, but thrice. Why? Because the upper echelon refuse to remove the outdated systems.

For example, if an officer brings in a domestic arrest – which happened earlier today – I have to enter the job into Premier One, THEN enter it again into an XL spreadsheet, THEN enter it into the outdated Deskman System. It’s not a big deal during daywork when we’re slow, but on a Friday night in the summer, this will be a disaster…

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